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I am a luthier who took up the craft as a full-time activity in 2012 after completing a 3-month full-time course at the Totnes School of Guitarmaking in the UK.

I build fretted stringed instruments to individual customers' requirements, rather than having a fixed range of products. I give you free rein to choose your decorative elements over all the instrument, even, for example, headstock embellishment: I believe it is more important that a bespoke, hand-built instrument has an emotional connection with, and means something to its owner than it is to put my own stamp in an obvious place on my work. My label and any additional maker's marks will be present, but in an unobtrusive place.

I use mainly hand tools in my work. Not only do I enjoy using them, but I believe the feeling I get for a piece of wood through the tool is intuitively valuable and complements my measurements and more analytical assessments. 

My guitars in particular tend to have a lively, 'forward' kind of sound, loud for their size and with an articulate, full bass, but I can certainly build for warmth and mellowness for those who prefer it.

You can see an interview (in French) with Pierre Journel of 'La chaîne guitare'  here:

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'Dove' guitar
Curly redwood top
Purfling & binding detail
Peace motif on headstock
Fleur-de-lys inlay
Myrtlewood back and sides
Tight joints on back braces
'Massa' - the baby
Floating bridge on jazz uke
Gluing back braces
'Sala' parlour guitar
'Moussière' jazz uke
Thickessing top blank
'Pommier' super-jumbo
'Moussiere' manouche-style uke
Inside of redwood top
Minimalist rosette
Work in progress
Slotted headstock
End pin on myrtlewood guitar
An unusual inlay request
Bracing and linings
Stunning pommele sapele
Double X-bracing
Octave mandolin Levin-style
'Dove' guitar rosette
Sunburst uke
Grapevine inlay
Integrated arm bevel
Preparing for scratchplate
Rosewood scratchplate
Myrtlewood back on 'Mosel'
Heel detail
'Gothenburg' mando-guitar
'Mosel' with redwood top
Work in progress...
Rose inlay
Purpleheart back
Heel on jazz uke
Plate joining fixture
F- (or S-) holes
12th fret vine inlay
Another double X-brace view
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