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Kirklee body
Kirklee headstock
Ubass inside with label
Ubass label seal
Ubass on bench
Ubass headstock
Ubass from side
'Dove' guitar
Patinated copper headplate
Curly redwood top
Purfling & binding detail
Peace symbol on headstock
Fleur-de-lys inlay
Myrtlewood back and sides
Tight joints on back braces
'Massa' - the baby
Floating bridge on jazz uke
Gluing back braces
'Sala' parlour guitar
'Moussière' jazz uke
Thickessing top wood
End graft and mitres
'Pommier' super-jumbo rosette
'Moussière' manouche-style uke
Inside of redwood top
Minimalist rosette
Kirklee whole
Kirklee inlays
Work in progress
Slotted headstock
Neck to body join
End pin on myrtlewood guitar
An unusual inlay request...
Braces and linings
Stunning pommele sapele
Kirklee back
Double X-braced top
'Alzette' octave mandolin
'Dove' guitar rosette
Sunburst uke
Grapevine inlay on headstock
Integrated arm bevel
Preparing for scratchplate
Rosewood scratchplate fitted
Myrtlewood back
Heel detail
'Gothenburg' mando-guitar
Work in progress
Rose inlay
Purpleheart back
Jazz uke heel
Plate joining fixture
'Dove' guitar inside
F- (or S-) holes
12th fret vine inlay
Another double X-brace view
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